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All Lined Up

Well, the family and I headed to Mass this morning at the beautiful Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama. It was early (7:00 A.M.) but it was a blessing to be there in the presence of God with the whole family. I was holding little Ella and I looked down the line to see all the children and my beautiful wife and just felt overwhelmed with thanksgiving. God has truly blessed me.
I hope today we can really appreciate our many blessings in life and not just take for granted that this is just another holiday. Be thankful
for all things. We are living in trying times and as Christians we must stick together in the fight to bring Christ to others. Before we can do this we must realize we are blessed.
I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving Day. I got to go, the food is on the counter and the children are all lined up to serve. God Bless!

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Little Luke

Our Little Luke kept us up last night for a bit. I ended up taking him downstairs at 5:15 A.M. Sometimes what momma eats affects the baby. This is probably one of the few negatives in having a newborn baby. He is so sweet though and growing quick. He was six weeks old yesterday. When he was born he weighed in at 6lbs 14 oz and now he weighs in at over 10lbs.
I think he will be a big boy.

It is sweet to see the reaction and love for Luke from the other children. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for my family. Sometimes as your family grows you are unable to be with other people on the holidays. At times you feel isolated and can only talk to little people all day but guess what? Eventually they grow up and with seven children and counting the house will be full, I will be old ,so at this time I will just enjoy my little Luke.

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Sleepless in Bama

Well, last night didn’t work out so good my wife and I were up with little Luke, his tummy was bothering him. We are trying to figure out what my wife ate to see what it was that is bothering the baby because she nurses him. After a long process of elimination we have come to the conclusion that it could be the white cheese sauce on the pasta or the hot Cheetos. Wow, what a combo kind of makes your tummy rumble thinking about those two in the same day. Also in the midst of all of this while my wife is sleeping because she was up so much, my little girl Ella comes in with her diaper off with a nice surprise, what do I do? Wake up my wife? No, I didn’t and all I have to say is eewww….

Any way, all is good and we are winding down from our Sunday. We went, as we always do to Mass this morning. It was good. Many non-Catholics do not know that if a Catholic would miss Mass on Sunday without a valid reason it is a mortal sin. I actually don’t think many Catholics believe this anymore. It is disturbing to see the watering down of our faith. We should not compromise our beliefs. When this starts and you have children you will begin to lose them to the world. Then, talk about some sleepless nights. I can handle some colic but to lose my children to the world? Tough!
Never comprise!

God Bless All!

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Wine and Toes

It’s Saturday night and finished watching Zookeeper with children. Guess what?? We just put all seven children to bed. We are in so need of time together, alone. Our older children are not old enough to babysit and most of the families in our community are large so they need there older girls to help at home.

I could never complain (well maybe a little bit) because we are blessed. One day we will look back and the house will be empty and the pidder padder of little feet no longer echo through halls. How blessed we are to bring children in the world and raise them to follow Christ.

As my wife and I sit here sipping on wine I gently give her a pedicure the best way I know how and she enjoys it. I know she deserves so much more but for now we will stick to the wine and toes. God Bless!

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Lazy Saturday

I think I drank to many cups of coffee. I have to admit it does spice things up a bit. The movie choice for this morning is Star Wars. I like the old Star Wars better than the last ones. It’s been fun, the children enjoyed it.
I love doing bills on Saturday morning(not!). That’s just the way it goes. We are planning to go to a new Applebee’s in town and looking forward to that.
Feeling blessed.
Our attitude controls our feelings. I want to encourage all of you to stay positive. In time of discouragement don’t lose your focus on God. Prayer is one of the key elements of peace and happiness. Have a great Saturday! Be lazy if you can. God Love You!

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Nighty Night

Well, Friday is almost over. I like Fridays but Saturday and Sundays are even better. Although today I did have one negative experience (well, make that two, I went to Walmart on Friday) the serpentine belt came off my truck as I was driving down the road listening to Paul Finebaum(skinny awkward sports guy) anyway that’s the worst of my day, so praise God.

One thing I do have to say is that the weather was warmer and little rascals were able to play outside. It is so beautiful living next to the Shrine property, home of Mother Angelica and the Poor Clare Nuns. Sometimes I have to sit down and hold my breathe and think, am I really living in this awesome life? Well gotta go, may God bless you! Nighty Night…

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Up and At Um

It’s another day and a chili one at that but why complain when God has given us an opportunity for another day. It has been said many times that we should live everyday as it is our last. I think it is a great philosophy to start out with each morning, because I would hope that it would intensify our faith. Although it is sad to say that many would be trying to accomplish there so called, “bucket list”. You may ask, what’s the problem with that? Well the problem is we are thinking from a worldly view and not focusing on the the big prize which is Heaven. Do you realize how long eternity is? It is forever and our minds just can’t comprehend forever.

So wake up and make a contentious effort to focus on God. Intensify your pray life and the peace the of Christ will become a part of your life. So up and at um.


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