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Go Phil

It is amazing to see such a positive response to the comments by Duck Commander Phil Robertson.  This is what it takes to take back our country from those who are living contrary to God.  This gives us hope.

What I next? We must not stop at this point as Christians we have to continue to stand up for our beliefs and quit getting pushed around by the liberal, feminized socialist culture that lives for self and not for God.

The time has come and we must continue to share our faith in a compassionate way. In the way our Lord would, but we must be firm.  Pray often for strength and courage.  We know the outcome of this battle.  “Be not afraid”.

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Have you been waiting for God to send someone to solve all the problems that we have? Well, it has finally happened. God has actually sent someone and this person didn’t even realize that he was the one being sent. Christian Family Outreach is happy to inform everyone just who this person is. Are you ready? All you have to do to find out is to go to any mirror and you will see who it is that God has sent into the world to solve all its problems. Yes, it is you with all your imperfections and shortcomings, all your doubts and heartaches, all your sins and transgressions. Yes, God has sent you to solve the problems in your world, the world He has placed you in. God has sent us at Christian Family Outreach to help you with this great and noble endeavor by making available to you, free of charge, these little pamphlets.

All who want to answer God’s call to change the world may obtain our little pamphlets. No more complaining, no more despair, God wants you to change your world and it is not all that difficult. Many people have ordered our free little pamphlets and given them out to family and friends, changing their lives forever, and you can do the same. Just write, phone, or email us and we will promptly send the pamphlets of your choice, free of charge. God bless you on your quest to change the world for the better. Now don’t you feel better already?

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Raising Helpers for Society

The other day I was reading an article about teenagers and young adults.  It is amazing that so many of the young people today are not charitable or helpful.  For example, maybe a man is having trouble caring his groceries to his car and the young people walking by don’t even notice or care to help.  It would be a jewel in the crown of the parents whose son or daughter looks to this elderly man and helps him carry his groceries to the car.  It is said that God helps those who help others, and I believe this to be true.

As parents we must try to incorporate this in the minds of our children at an early age.  What a gift to society they will become if they adapt this way of thinking.  They will bless you and make you proud as they live a life in the spirit of Christ.  What  joy and happiness it must be for parents to know that their children walk in the way of the Lord by helping those who are less fortunate.  Their reward in heaven will be great and also the example they set for their peers to be helpers of society not takers.  This is one way in which we can change our society, through the gifts of our children and forming them properly in the faith and teaching them to love those who are in need.

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The Family: Job Description-By John C. Preiss

In our society today we are all accustomed to filling out some sort of job description forms and returning these to the immediate supervisor.   If you are the leader of a company that requires this procedure, you see the value in an employee who understands the job that they are required to do.  With this said, many of you would be in an absolute fit if you were asked to fill out a job description for the home.  The proper view for knowing and understanding your job in the field is essential for the efficiency of the company.  Why would it not be just as valuable to know the duties and responsibilities of each individual within the family?

Could you imagine the order that could be attained in the home if each family member knew exactly what was expected of them.  First, you couldn’t blame someone else for a job that was not completed.  It is sad to see that everyone wants efficiency in business and they live in chaos at home.  We must realize that each member has a role in the home that if lived according to God would create a happier family life. Our society is constantly attacking the family.  I was reading a statistic the other day and it stated that if we continue on the path we are headed, by 2040 marriage will no longer exist. It is so sad that we have gone this far from something so beautiful.  What many do not realize is that when the family is weak the church and society are weak.  We must stand up for traditional family values.

The Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus can be a good role model.  The setup was this: Joseph was head, Mary was heart and Jesus was the obedient son.  When the angel would appear with instructions, he  always would give the instructions to Joseph.  This is the setup of the family according to God.

We must now go out and make a difference in a world that is fading fast and straying from God.  It has to start in the home.  The family, if lived according to God can help make the world a greater place, full of love for one another.

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Fatherhood, what a joy

Well, another Father’s Day has passed.  It hurts to hear of so many dysfunctional families today. Many children are without father’s.  Fatherhood is such a vital part in the upbringing of children, especially boys.  A boy needs a father, I don’t care what anyone says.  Today, in our society we are bombarded by the culture that is Light.  The natural way of family life is deteriorating right before our eyes.  The homosexual agenda has taken over as a norm lately.  How can to lesbian women living together raise a solid masculine boy?  Impossible.  We are facing serious problems and consequences in the world.  We must always follow the laws of God and the natural order of life.

Pray for change.


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