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Should We Be Afraid

What does the future hold for our children? At this point in time I am not sure we will even have a future. It is hard to stay positive when so much is happening around the world. As the President of the Fatima Family Apostolate an organization devoted to promoting the true message of Fatima and the holiness of family life I am starting to see the messages of Our Lady come into fruition. And that is the natural disasters, atheism, war and more.
You are probably thinking, What do we do? First, pray and pray often. Evangelize and educate others. Stand up for your faith in public. Keep God in your home and evil out. Prepare! Remember, in the end we win through the grace and mercy of God. “Do not be afraid”.
Peace be with you. God bless!

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Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The Patronial feast for the USA is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is fitting therefore, to give a brief explanation of the dogma. It has been a constant belief of the Church that Mary was sinless from the moment of her conception. This is implied in Genesis 3:15. ‘I will put enmity between you and the woman, your seed and hers.’ Enmity means complete separation from the other with whom one has enmity. At no time during her existence could she ever be under the power of the devil, therefore, she has to be sinless and immaculately conceived. Proclaiming it as a dogma in 1857 was not inventing something new, but made it an article of faith that had to be believed by all the faithful, taking it out of the area of theological opinion.

An artist conceives a painting before he paints it; a carpenter conceives a piece of furniture before he makes it; an architect conceives a building before it is built: God conceives a baby before it is born. When God conceived Adam and Eve they were both conceived by Him, without sin: they were immaculately conceived. Could God repeat this? Yes, he could and did. Even the strictest evangelical Christians believe that God conceived the first humans without sin as immaculate conceptions. First God conceived Adam from whom He took Eve (Eva in Latin). Eve was the first to sin and caused Adam to sin also. This is the original or first sin. From then on, all humans inherit the original sin of our first parents. God starts a new creation with a new Eve, Mary the mother of Jesus, from whom He takes a new Adam, Jesus the Christ. In the first creation God chose a male from whom He conceives a woman, but in the new creation, He chooses a woman from whom He conceives a male, Himself

In the Gospel of Luke read at the Mass for this Feast, the first word of the Angel Gabriel to Mary is “Ave” Eva spelled in reverse. She is the new Eve, the mother of the living. Jesus is the new Adam. He will pay the penalty for the sins of mankind. Mary reverses the ‘no’ of Eve and Jesus reverses the ‘no’ of Adam. In the original creation God created the sinless male first from whom He took the sinless woman, but it failed. In the New Creation God reverses it, He conceives the immaculate woman first from whom He conceives the immaculate male. It worked and we are the sons and daughters of this immaculate family.

As Christians we also are declared immaculate at our baptism into Christ.
Mary is our Immaculate Mother.

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Second Sunday of Advent

Cycle B Year 2014
Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11; Psalm 85; 2 Peter 3:8-14; Mark 1:1-8
Each year millions of people prepare for their annual vacation if they mean to travel any distance. Once they have decided on their planned destination they spend hours booking hotels, making reservations and reading guide books in order to be prepared once they arrive. Young people know how necessary it is to prepare for those school examinations if they are to get a passing grade. Many hours are spent to prepare for a wedding and even more hours are needed to prepare for a happy and meaningful marriage.

Most of us can remember the many international visits of St. Pope John Paul to the United States and many other international sites. Months and months of preparation went into those visits. Locations and sites for his visit, were cleaned up and prepared for the millions who would gather there to see and welcome him. Altars were adorned with flowers and thousands of people were tutored in their duties if they were to participate in the papal ceremonies. Millions of people prepared for their travel arrangements for their visit to see and hear him. Nothing was left to chance. Anything worth while needs quite an amount of preparation.

We don’t prepare for what has already happened, but only for what is yet to happen in the future. The first two weeks of Advent is a time to prepare for the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We do not know the day or the hour when He will come again. Each year the Church gives us time to prepare for this final event in our lives. It is far more important than any papal visit, school exam, or earthly wedding. It is the ultimate event of every human life for which every human being should be prepared. The Jews people were not prepared for the birth and presence of Jesus when He first came over 2000 years ago. Will we be anymore prepared for Him when He comes again in Glory to judge the living and the dead?

If somebody of importance would be visiting your home would you not make great effort to make sure everything was clean, tidy and in order? Why not plan a good confession and make sure that your soul is clean, tidy and in order for the visit of your most important guest, Jesus Christ the Lord. If you are ready to meet him when He comes and are prepared for a life of eternity that He has prepared for you, then you can relax and enjoy another Christmas as you prepare for the Lord who already came as a baby 2014 years ago.

As you listen to the Readings during the Liturgy of the Word this Sunday, pay attention to the times you will hear, said or sung, Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight His paths. Are you prepared and ready to meet Him if He should come again for you? Every day of the year He comes for thousands who will die. He comes when we least expect Him.

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Rain! Rain! Go Away!

It’s not supposed to rain on Saturday, is it? Well it is raining so what do we do with a house full of children in the middle of a major remodel?
Today is the feast of St. Nicholas so we went to the Dollar Tree last night and spent a few dollars on some gifts. The children woke up all excited to see presents by the fireplace. For me, receiving gifts is not something that excites me anymore, but to see the face of my children light up when they receive a gift is priceless. I also realize that one day this will all disappear and they will be grown and have families of there own. As parents, we cherish these moments forever. God has truly blessed me in so many ways and I will never take it for granted.
During this advent we must prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord. Start by counting your blessings. Sometimes we dwell too much on our shortcomings(I am guilty of this also). Who cares if it’s raining that’s the least of my concerns. My main concern is that I am able be here with my wife and children. We must thank God in everything, even when it rains. God Bless!

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Juice It

I want to encourage everyone to watch the movie documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. I watched this about two years ago and was very interesting. The main focus is about getting healthy through juicing. I have done it several times and started back today. It’s not too bad but it does take time to get accustomed too. It is great for weight loss, one time I juiced for a week and lost 6LBs. It takes discipline to juice every meal for a week. I like to encourage everyone to try it on one meal per day and you will definitely feel and see a difference.
One week ago we received, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead part 2″. My wife and I plan on watching this tonight. I will keep you updated. Supper time so I better go juice it! God Bless!

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Homeschool Makes No Fools

Our trip to the zoo went well yesterday. It is amazing reading and studying these animals. The faces of the children really lit up when they saw the animals for the first time and not just in books.
As parents we are the primary educators of our children. Pope John Paul II said this many times. The homeschool movement has grown by leaps and bounds in last 15 years and recently because of the common core curriculum passed for the public school system.
As a public school graduate I can relate to the trash learned in the system but that was over 20 years ago. I could not imagine how bad it could be today. I pray that others will consider homeschooling as an alternative. It has been truly a blessing in our family. We are able to work at our pace and grow in love together.
Yes, they do associate with other children. My two boys participate in karate and my oldest girl in piano. And instead in associating with children there age all day long, they get to interact with more adults. Lack of socialization in homeschooling is just a myth. Do the research before you assume. Check out the latest number on ACT and SAT scores by homeschoolers, you will be amazed. Homeschooling makes no fools, it creates Godly children who learn to not only participate in this world but realize the importance of the next. Heaven.


Enjoy These Days

I always hear parents who have grown children tell me to enjoy these days with the little ones. Believe me, I do but there are days that are very difficult and stressful, even more so for the wife. As a husband I try and be home as much as possible to help. My wife has a sewing business that does real well and I have a construction company, Rental properties and a international non-profit organization to focus on. So we are extremely busy but our children are involved and much of this can be done at home.
I was talking to a wife who had nine children and she advised us that it is important to have a date night night once a month. This is desperately needed but who do you trust to babysit for your children. The world is so messed up today, so we are careful. It won’t be long till we get that built in babysitter, my son who is the oldest just turned twelve. In two more years he will be perfectly ready. He is already mature and big for his age. He wears a 10 1/2 size shoe for goodness sake.
Any way we look forward to those days when we can slip away for a few hours to continue to enkindle the spark in our relationship. With all this said, we still enjoy these days with the little ones. One day they will be gone and we will long for them, but that’s what grandchildren are for, right? In the meantime we will enjoy these days and not take each moment for granted.


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