By John Preiss

When we look through the glass window and see ourselves on the other side, sometimes it feels as though we are trapped or stuck. It is hard as heck to continue to trust and have faith if the walls start to close in on your life. We have to look on the flip side of things and try and maintain a positive attitude and of course call on God to intervene.

It sure is amazing how our faith is magical when we live it to the fullest. God is everywhere. Sometimes we feel He is nowhere to be found then when we least expect it a life door opens and we can comfortably walk in and look back and think, “WOW I’m glad that phase of my life is over. Sometimes in different situations it takes a while to receive that life door that God has for you in your life. Many times it is our fault, through pride and selfishness that we do not receive it sooner. Prayer and perseverance is what is needed. One thing to remember is that it will come in God’s time not yours and this will enable you to make it through. God Bless!