By John C. Preiss

Every life is different. Have you ever tried to compare yourself to someone else? It often looks possible but in reality impossible. Each moment for each person is different even though we may experience the same situation. This is what makes life so unique. If we were all the same the world would be pretty boring. God knew what He was doing when He created us.

With this said, we have to become the very best version of ourselves. Our imperfections and shortcomings show in our everyday circumstances. We have to pray constantly to try and combat these issues to become better people in society. With the help of God it is possible. We have been given a very special gift it is called,”life” and we are in control of the decisions we make. God is here for us but we have free will. We are uniquely created and have special purposes. Instead of trying to be someone else, be who God created you to be. Be kind and loving to your neighbors but look only through the glasses you are wearing. You have a purpose in this life and with the grace of God you can fulfill that purpose.