By John C. Preiss

Situations change and challenges occur daily. It is how we adapt to things when the going gets tough. Do we crawl in a hole? Turn to alcohol? Whatever it may be it can be damaging to our ability to overcome obstacles. I know at different times in my life I have done both of these. At some point when situations became unsolved I started to realize that I must face this head on. Talk about challenging and scary at the same time. In your life, you may be facing financial, spiritual and physical hardships and at the end of the rope.

When I start to feel this way I first, rely on my faith and then the people who are closest to me. If that doesn’t work, it may take an older friend who has experienced the challenges you are facing. Getting discouraged never solves a problem. If you notice it is usually those with positive attitudes who usually come out of a bad situation stronger. I’m a firm believer in the old cliche, “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”. I often wonder which situation that is dealt to me might be the one that takes me down. One thing to remember is that our spiritual well being plays a vital roll in a rebound when going through the muck and the mud of life. Sometimes that mud gets pretty thick and in order to escape one must stay faithful and persevere. In a matter of time you will be back on the upswing of things. Don’t give up!