by John C. Preiss

I’ve been observing over the years how families change. Change isn’t always bad, although in the case here I’m just trying to understand what happens. So if you are reading this and this is something that you have transitioned into, please comment below.

Many families over the past few Years have gone through some drastic changes. It seems as though it has happened over night but I’m sure it was a gradual process.

Okay, first change is in dress:

These families would wear dresses at or below the knee, blouses with sleeves etc. Now they are wearing tights and tight jeans, tights with mini skirts. It seems as though the parents gave up or never was convicted in this way of life. The reason I see this because the parents who wore modest clothing for years are wearing tight clothes, jeans and lower skirts. It is not necessary a sin to wear a particular pair of clothing. But it could lead others to sin. Also, the haircuts, one mother shaved the side of her head and went and got tattoos. I’m just trying to figure out the drastic change. One point to make is that most of these families changes occurred as the children became teenagers. Is everyone just throwing their hands in the air, giving up?

So, if you can explain this in the comments or experiences below please do because I fear to ask these several families what’s up.