By John C. Preiss

Depression and anxiety must come from the evil one. I dread to give him credit for anything that would bring him attention, yet I believe like so many that this is true.

After knowing people who have dealt with these two life suckers, a clear analysis has to be made individually. Each person deals with them differently and believe it or not, your temperament has something to do with it. It is a rarity to see a Choleric temperament suffer depression, yes it does happen, but their strong forcefulness and desire to succeed usually keeps their heads above water. The melancholic and phlegmatic usually are the one who suffer the most.

How to overcome these two life suckers is difficult because first prescriptions may help. Vitamins and herbs may help, yet each case is different. A key element in helping is growing in your spiritual life. This means developing a loving relationship with God. When I was going through anxiety I prayed continuously. First, because I thought I was going to die. Second because I know the love of God. After about a year of dealing with anxiety on and off and trying different things, I was told about a naturalist whomight be able to help me. Sure enough, he told me I was low on magnesium. He gave me the supplement and I know how to deal with my anxiety.


Depression seems to be a longer fix. After watching a loved one deal with it for four years I see what has worked best. Three things:

Prayer everyday and spiritual reading of encouragement.

Exercise and delete sugar from your diet.

Forcing yourself to go do things outside the home.

Depression can be healed at any moment or could take years. It seems to be triggered by traumatic situation or relationship.

Remember through it all, God is the divine physician. Ask and you shall receive.