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Prayer Requests

This Page is for prayer requests. They do not have to be in detail. Just a first name and problems this person or couple is having.  When someone comes to this site they can say a little prayer as they read a blog or add a prayer of their own.  Through prayer and faith in God anything can happen. Prayer requests in comment section of this blog.



27 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for Ryan and Clarisa, their infant son Lynn-Paul died of SIDS on June 17. Please pray for this couple.

  2. Dear all, Please pray for Joanna who thinks she may have cancer because of her unusual symptoms, Les who has bowel cancer and Raymond who has an enlarged prostrate and is suffering greatly. Thank you and God bless you all. Margaret.

  3. Please pray for my marriage. My husband left four months ago. He is confused and is asking for time. He does not pray nor look for God in his life. Please pray that he looks for GOD and that this marriage and family canbe saved. Our children miss him dearly and so do I his beloved wife. The Morales family, His name is Carlos please place him on your prayers so God softens his heart and teaches him His unconditional love.

    1. Dear Mari

      I will pray for your husband’s return and faith, joy and love in your family. I will pray that he return to you definitely by Christmas time. My rosaries will take your requests on every time. Please let us know when he returns.

      With love,


  4. I see that you have been busy making babies….. 4 kids right…..I dont like talking to you much because no matter how sincere I may sound….You neglect my existence… the snoots at church of the redeemer…I used to sleep right under a stained glass picture of jesus… But they like tearing down bushes and driving masserrattti’s and bugatties, and all that christain stuff…..

    1. Nathaniel,

      You know the truth.. I have always been there for you out of all your family members…..I sent you money on occasion.. I paid your hotel bill a couple of times….i rented a place for you to stay……I gave you a job….. Your problem is you have never been open to God and you feel sorry for yourself and you are not getting any younger so it is time to be a man and take care of your responsibilities….. I know you havent had the opportunities because of your parents.. but don’t put me in that category, you are not my son and I have a wife and 5 children to take care of. But, I am here for you when you stop badmouthing me and criticizing me for you and your mistakes..

  5. Please pray for my marriage. My wife and I are arguing over a teenage son from her first marriage. He is extremely disrespectful to me even though I try to give him everything he wants. My wife always sides with him saying he is just a “boy”. He is almost 18. He curses at me and threaten physical violence. I try to keep peace but its hard. I ask for God’s divine direction. Please pray. Thank you.

  6. Please pray for me and me a problem husband Chris for spirit of TRUE who helps us to solve a marital problem and proper judgement. Please ask Blessed Mother of Fatima to give me Her special sign. Thank you.

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