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About John Preiss

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I am a convert to the Catholic Church. I have been writing articles for the Immaculate Heart Messenger magazine an international publication on various subjects of the Catholic faith, family life and child training and .   I am now the Editor of the Immaculate Heart Messenger a magazine published by the Fatima Family Apostolate International.  I have had an interest in writing for sometime.I feel the need to bring out issues on the faith and family because it seems lately that many families are having serious problems.
In 2008 I became the  President of the Fatima Family Apostolate International Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to the Catholic faith and family. My wife Teresa and I have seven children. It is exciting for me to be able to share some articles and stories and valuable information on this blog on various subjects in homeschooling, child training. Also I enjoy sharing personal trials and triumphs of inspiration.
It is a fact that the devil is trying to destroy the family. Our Country is faced with unusual circumstances. We should also pray daily for our politicians who value themselves and not the value of life.

If you have any questions about any of these subjects let me know. I am trying to gather questions and comments for a future work in progress. I hope you enjoy this site. God Bless all of You. Please visit often!!! When in doubt say,” Jesus I Trust In You!!” to guide you through the day.

Please pray for me and our work to strengthen the family.

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7 thoughts on “About John Preiss

  1. Hey John,

    This is james mary evans from www,fratres.wordpress. I just clicked onto your site off your icon and found the address for the International Fatima Apostolate. Interestingly enough, I was currently doing a write-up on the Odessa Pilgrim Virgin Statue, which will be here this Sunday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Medford, Oregon…

    I want to compliment you on your site. I also took the liberty to include it on my blogroll and perhaps direct some traffic your way. Feel free to do likewise with mine if you approve of it. It’s always nice to see converts defending the faith… I too am a convert, along with my wife and 2 of our elder children; we now have 3 that are cradle Catholics…

    When I have more time I’ll stop by again read some of the posts that caught my eye… Till then, peace to you and yours–great looking kids!!!

    james mary evans

  2. Hi John – I thought the Obama citizenship thing had been thrown out by a judge? Is it – hopefully – still alive? Thanks for spreading that word. Jim in Austin.

  3. ok….i am looking for pictures of the house you have listed in the shoppers guide…where might this be on this site?

  4. I dont have envelopes right now so I decided to write you on the net…I have been painting near the ressurection house day center…I was in an art show at tommy bahamas on saint armands circle. I had my first sell there. It was a roses on a canvass.
    Made 20 dollars…but its not my fault the art teachers couldn’t pay the bill on the place…Most of the art teachers are done with the place…..But one of the ladies approved me to aquire a scolarship…So in a way it did pay off…I’ll get known as an artist no matter what happens…..If you sent a couple of bucks it would help out…My stamps come on the 6th…. I dont die off too easy do I?? nathaniel

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