By John C. Preiss

I have seen in the past where families rely to much on others in raising their families. As parents, God has given us the particular grace to raise our family, not our father, pastor etc. We have been chosen by God for this task. I’m not saying that you should not receive any advice because past experiences from others can save us from some future heartaches.

God knows what we need in our families and he will provide for us if we are open to Him. Many times we close the door of grace and try to figure things out for ourselves. This is not the path you want to go down. God created us and knows are every weakness and our strengths. In order to be the best parent possible we must be open to His grace. It gets pretty crazy and hectic at times being a parent and you get overwhelmed, lean on God for the strength and courage to keep going.

I was walking to Church the other day and a lady was walking next to me and asked me, “How is your family? And I replied, doing fine. She turned to me and said, ” You have a beautiful family and these are the best years of your life.” I really had to ponder that statement because it is difficult raising eight children. The whining and dirty diapers, sickness etc. She did help me realize that one day they won’t depend on me anymore and will be grown and gone. I probably won’t see them everyday. This was sad to me and I realized I could handle a little whining for a while.

In order to change our society today it starts in the home with Christian loving parents and a little help of God’s grace.