by John C. Preiss
Over and over in my head I ponder the thoughts of the message of Fatima. Why? Probably because it has a great deal to do with the ministry in which I am involved.  As I continue to research in order to stay relevant I keep finding more information on Fatima and how the messages coincide with our Catholic faith.  I want to encourage anyone who is reading this for the first time to visit our website ( to learn more about how the message of Fatima can be applied to everyday life.

Many times, I have seen or been told that the Fatima message is a re-affirmation of the Gospels. It’s Trinitarian also.  The key elements of our faith is seen in the message, such as prayer, penance and sacrifice.  Also, in the beginning in 1916 when the angel appeared it showed us the power of the Holy Eucharist. There are so many elements in the message and this enables us,who have devotion to Our Lady, the yearning to continue to write and share this wonderful much needed message to all people.