As parents, we try to analyze each child to figure out what makes them work.  My wife and I several months back, viewed several videos on temperament.  These videos were very helpful to us and would probably be good for you to watch if you have children.

Parenting is very challenging and at times utterly exhausting. My wife and I had our eight child in August so between diaper changes, homeschooling and our business affairs it is easy to fall into a rut and even to the point of hopelessness because every time you turn around a issue seems to pop up.  One thing that helps us is organization within the home and the help of our older children, with our oldest just turning fourteen.  But some days……. Anyway our faith is what brings us our real joy and we no that all we can do is trust in God and live out our vocations as parents.  Also, to not get caught up in negativity, and embrace the small excitements that come with family life.  As the children progress in life you start to see the strengths in their personalities and how they work with one another. The most important for us as parents is to see them in their love for God.  That is the ultimate joy as parents.

Each child is different.  Some children fall right in line with very little guidance and others well you no what I mean……Children are a great joy and blessing and when things don’t go your way you have to put your trust in God.