The spirituality of Fatima is a spirituality of Hearts and hearts – one which involves the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and our own hearts.
Christ, the Sacred Heart, and Mary, the Immaculate Heart, manifest their great love for us. They reveal to us Their Hearts as symbols love, and They ask for our consecration in return. To say “”yes” is to live out our baptismal consecration in a most special way. To say “yes” to Their request is our salvation. To say “yes” is to find the ongoing happiness we all seek. To say “”yes” is to dwell secure in theRe two Hearts , where we feel loved and protected, where we find peace and joy, where we are fired with the determination to pour ourselves out in love for God and neighbor. To say “”yes” is to go to the Father, with and through Christ, in the Holy Spirit, with Mary, our Mother, at our side.
These two hearts beat as one and it is a heartbeat of love for all of us. God bless you!