A few months back I finished a wonderful book on the Power of Kindness.  I want to recommend this book to everyone because it really helped me to understand myself and my dealings with others.  This book is a great read by Fr. Lovasik.  You can order it from our website at http://www.fatimafamily.org

Bishop Fulton Sheen would say that the way to win a convert is by Kindness, Kindness, kindness.  Kindness should come natural through our Christianity, yet often it doesn’t.  At times we snap at someone or call somebody out without really knowing their circumstances.  We don’t know that phone call about their sick child or their dying father.  Maybe they just lost their job.  Compassion and kindness is powerful and it comes with general love for our neighbor.  This is a key element to our Christianity.

Remember’ “Kindness, Kindness, Kindness”.