It seems the last two years have really brought on some troubling situations on our society. I was ready his morning in our paper, The Cullman Times about the issuing of same sex marriage licenses. At the moment they have not issued any. I never would have dreamed that we have gone down so far and especially come to Alabama a predominantly conservative Bible Belt State.

Thousands and thousands of petitions were signed to keep prayer in school but one Homo-sexual couple can come into a State and complain about not being able to be married and the law will probably pass. This is why I write with conviction about raising a Godly family. As parents we have to share our faith and not compromise for anything or anyone when it comes to Biblical principles. One day we will all be judged and God has set forth His laws and Commandments so make sure you are on the right side. This world only lasts a short period of time compared to eternity.