At times I feel like I’m fighting this battle alone. The battle of raising a Christian family in a society that is trying to re-define the family. It is important to have a support group to help give you that feeling of pushing forward. Sometimes you just need a friend or friends. What is amazing about God is He alway opens doors when we pray and ask for something. It might not be the door that you would like but it is the door that is best for you at the moment.

Last night I was overjoyed to look at and watch my children, they are growing up right before my eyes and the beauty of watching is that I realize they are growing up and the time of forming them about life and the faith is short. The other important aspect is that I realize this and many parents don’t because they are to busy with their own lives to notice. Sometimes we just have to watch and listen and the Holy Spirit reveals things to us.

If you are another person or family out there trying to live opposite of our society don’t get discouraged, you are not alone. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

John Preiss