Have you ever had a perfect day. They rarely come but when They do you hope it stays. In today’s society raising a family is a challenge but we must continue to strive and to form our children and form ourselves in the faith.
We must not lose hope in the dream and that dream is following Christ and living in eternal happiness with him in heaven.

Yes, life is challenging it is a test to see how much we love God. As Christians we should place our challenges at the foot of the cross and except our cross daily and live out our Christian faith. Don’t let these daily challenges take away your joy and happiness, strive each day to live a life of Christ and be example to others.

As parents, especially parents of large families we often want to throw our hands up in the air and say, “what have we done” , but we must realize what we have done is created with God a soul that can enjoy eternal happiness and also glorify God while living upon this earth. Also, a Christian that can be an example to others, what a great gift it is to be a part of His kingdom. Daily challenges are just footsteps to Heaven.