So many crazy things are happening in our world today. It is difficult to read the news and feel good about anything. What is to become of the craziness. For example, terrorism is still on the rise in the world. Atheism is probably at an all time high. Immorality is destroying many lives through pornography. What about abortion? Planned parenthood was so proud that over 330,000 babies killed by them in the U.S. this year. Sick!

I fear most of all for my children. We are putting forth the effort to form them in the faith and protect them from evil but things are happening so fast. For example, take a look at our technology. With this I-pad, I-phone evil can be in the palm of your hands. But, also it can be used as something good. How are you using it? What about Facebook? Facebook knows more about us than the person closest to us in our lives. What if facebook is selling our information to the government? I remember one time writing a negative post about President Obama on Facebook and the post was removed. I could never find it again. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

We all have to be prepared and guard ourselves from the near occasion of sin. We must also protect our children from this. It will take a heroic effort on our part as parents to raise Godly children in the world in which we live. Pray and pray often. Things are moving to fast, something has got to come to a head. Be prepared!