Everyday in the life of a family should be fun yet at times it is difficult. This is life for all of us, no one is excluded from the cross. We enjoyed some family fun yesterday in town. It sure makes a difference when you go out to eat as a family with seven children twelve and under. When everything flows well and they are behaving it makes for a wonderful time. God has truly blessed my wife and I but hey at times it can be hectic just because of a fussy baby or a sick child etc. In the midst of all of this life still continues on.
It is important as parents to create some excitement and activity for our children. When I say this I mean don’t just let them sit around and watch television or play video games all day. We must bring out there creativity in a real world. This will help them to mature and excel in a particular area and can often open up a career choice for there future.
So what I’m am basically saying, is don’t raise lazy kids. Make sure they have chores to do around the house because they are members of the family and must contribute. It is healthy for them to help. Their is problem in our society where the girls growing up today are not taught domestic traits and how to care for a home. The boys have not been taught how to work around the house either and they grow up lazy because the momma and daddy do everything for them.
We must change this trend in our youth and develop men to be leaders and women to be mothers. If this occurs and a change takes place, you will see an obvious change in society.