Things are finally starting to slow back down. We have had some unusual weather this week. One morning I woke up to 9 degrees, definitely not Alabama weather. Also the children are not able to play outside much, so I have been able to talk to them more.
It is important as parents to share the faith as often as possible. Parents today are too busy with non-essentials and rely on others to nurture there children both physically and spiritually. Saint John Paul II said that parents are the primary educators of there children. This is so important. So many parents wonder why they have problems with there children and this is the reason. Lack of a key word in a child’s life, TIME. Time is valuable it is often said and it is extremely valuable when trying to combat the evils of society and raise Godly children.
You can do it, start today and create that time mom and dad for your children. Relax and grab a cup of coffee and learn your faith so you can share it with others especially your children.