In our lives we often forget to listen. Listen to God, our spouses and everything around us. We get caught up in our own little world and forget about the rest. If you own a business sometimes all you can think about is that business. We also get in bad habit of just saying yes or no without really listening. My wife sometimes will read something to me and I will just respond and say, “yes that is interesting” then a few days later I’ll read the same thing to her and she would say, I read that to you a few days ago.

Being a good listener is more valuable for the most part than being a good speaker. This is why it is important to just be in silence and open up our hearts and let the Holy Spirit speak to us. Today, with the technology in the palm of our hands we are trending to a non communication society. This is something that isn’t real and we are all caught up in it because if we don’t learn it we will be left behind.
So I want to challenge you to set that electronic device down and listen to God speak to you. You need Him and He is there waiting to speak to your heart.