The older and wiser I try to become I realize that selflessness is a key component in life. It is especially right at the heart of having a successful family and marriage. As time continues on I think less of myself and start each day thinking of the other members of my family. It seems that it could be difficult to be selfish having the responsibility to raise and nurture seven children.
I admire my wife in her selflessness. I see her cooking, cleaning, changing diapers. Not to mention homeschooling and taking care of her sewing business that she does at home. On the other hand I have more of the selfishness. As a man this characteristic comes natural. We are at times trying to make a name for ourselves due to our careers. On the other hand sometimes men can just be morons. So it is important that we all stay focused on selflessness. Many marriages have fallen apart because of the selfishness of spouses. God created us to work together and care for one another. Start today and do something good for someone else. If you continue each day then it just becomes habit and you will understand the true importance of life and everyone will wonder why you are so happy.
God Bless!