I sat down last night and had a talk with my wife and children and have decided we need to enhance our spiritual lives. We are very fortunate to live about a mile from the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL. If you have never been here I want to encourage you to come it is open to the public and all faiths.
My point is that we often take it for granted. Come on! I have a spiritual oasis practically in my back yard.
As Christians I think we get comfortable in our faith and we often wait till something bad happens before we become closer to God. We should always stay close to Him in the good and especially in the bad. You can never love and worship Him enough.
Children rarely get to excited when you tell them that as a family we will be going to church more during the week but they need to be in His presence. This world is full of evil and the greatest fear of a parent is loosing our children to the world. So, knowing this we still have time to form there little hearts in the faith. As a parent I can not just rely on me teaching the children or my wife, we have to give them to God.
Remember the Bible verse, “Ask and you shall receive”? We must ask God for wisdom and knowledge to make the right decisions. Whether you are single, married, male or female you can’t fight this battle of life alone. It will never be enough, call on God.
(I need a blog editor)