I have been trying to decide on a video talk that I want to do lately. As I began looking around the yard I noticed the beauty of it all. Many of us fail to take time and take notice of the beauty that surrounds us. God is truly everywhere and the many signs often are taken for granted and go unnoticed.
I remember growing up as a young boy laying out in the grass and just looking up at the sky at the different clouds and using my imagination. I was astounded by the beautiful clouds and sky. Often our senses gage many of our feelings. One thought that comes to mind is in the fall season many rake leaves and they burn them. It leaves this distinct smell in the air for miles and not a bad smell. When I smell it today it reminds me of school starting in the Fall.
God is so visible in our many senses. Take time to notice the signs in your everyday hustle and bustle. It helps me appreciate this gift of life. What I do with it is up to me. Watch the signs and it will lead you to Heaven.