The Patronial feast for the USA is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is fitting therefore, to give a brief explanation of the dogma. It has been a constant belief of the Church that Mary was sinless from the moment of her conception. This is implied in Genesis 3:15. ‘I will put enmity between you and the woman, your seed and hers.’ Enmity means complete separation from the other with whom one has enmity. At no time during her existence could she ever be under the power of the devil, therefore, she has to be sinless and immaculately conceived. Proclaiming it as a dogma in 1857 was not inventing something new, but made it an article of faith that had to be believed by all the faithful, taking it out of the area of theological opinion.

An artist conceives a painting before he paints it; a carpenter conceives a piece of furniture before he makes it; an architect conceives a building before it is built: God conceives a baby before it is born. When God conceived Adam and Eve they were both conceived by Him, without sin: they were immaculately conceived. Could God repeat this? Yes, he could and did. Even the strictest evangelical Christians believe that God conceived the first humans without sin as immaculate conceptions. First God conceived Adam from whom He took Eve (Eva in Latin). Eve was the first to sin and caused Adam to sin also. This is the original or first sin. From then on, all humans inherit the original sin of our first parents. God starts a new creation with a new Eve, Mary the mother of Jesus, from whom He takes a new Adam, Jesus the Christ. In the first creation God chose a male from whom He conceives a woman, but in the new creation, He chooses a woman from whom He conceives a male, Himself

In the Gospel of Luke read at the Mass for this Feast, the first word of the Angel Gabriel to Mary is “Ave” Eva spelled in reverse. She is the new Eve, the mother of the living. Jesus is the new Adam. He will pay the penalty for the sins of mankind. Mary reverses the ‘no’ of Eve and Jesus reverses the ‘no’ of Adam. In the original creation God created the sinless male first from whom He took the sinless woman, but it failed. In the New Creation God reverses it, He conceives the immaculate woman first from whom He conceives the immaculate male. It worked and we are the sons and daughters of this immaculate family.

As Christians we also are declared immaculate at our baptism into Christ.
Mary is our Immaculate Mother.