Our trip to the zoo went well yesterday. It is amazing reading and studying these animals. The faces of the children really lit up when they saw the animals for the first time and not just in books.
As parents we are the primary educators of our children. Pope John Paul II said this many times. The homeschool movement has grown by leaps and bounds in last 15 years and recently because of the common core curriculum passed for the public school system.
As a public school graduate I can relate to the trash learned in the system but that was over 20 years ago. I could not imagine how bad it could be today. I pray that others will consider homeschooling as an alternative. It has been truly a blessing in our family. We are able to work at our pace and grow in love together.
Yes, they do associate with other children. My two boys participate in karate and my oldest girl in piano. And instead in associating with children there age all day long, they get to interact with more adults. Lack of socialization in homeschooling is just a myth. Do the research before you assume. Check out the latest number on ACT and SAT scores by homeschoolers, you will be amazed. Homeschooling makes no fools, it creates Godly children who learn to not only participate in this world but realize the importance of the next. Heaven.