I always hear parents who have grown children tell me to enjoy these days with the little ones. Believe me, I do but there are days that are very difficult and stressful, even more so for the wife. As a husband I try and be home as much as possible to help. My wife has a sewing business that does real well and I have a construction company, Rental properties and a international non-profit organization to focus on. So we are extremely busy but our children are involved and much of this can be done at home.
I was talking to a wife who had nine children and she advised us that it is important to have a date night night once a month. This is desperately needed but who do you trust to babysit for your children. The world is so messed up today, so we are careful. It won’t be long till we get that built in babysitter, my son who is the oldest just turned twelve. In two more years he will be perfectly ready. He is already mature and big for his age. He wears a 10 1/2 size shoe for goodness sake.
Any way we look forward to those days when we can slip away for a few hours to continue to enkindle the spark in our relationship. With all this said, we still enjoy these days with the little ones. One day they will be gone and we will long for them, but that’s what grandchildren are for, right? In the meantime we will enjoy these days and not take each moment for granted.