Well, last night didn’t work out so good my wife and I were up with little Luke, his tummy was bothering him. We are trying to figure out what my wife ate to see what it was that is bothering the baby because she nurses him. After a long process of elimination we have come to the conclusion that it could be the white cheese sauce on the pasta or the hot Cheetos. Wow, what a combo kind of makes your tummy rumble thinking about those two in the same day. Also in the midst of all of this while my wife is sleeping because she was up so much, my little girl Ella comes in with her diaper off with a nice surprise, what do I do? Wake up my wife? No, I didn’t and all I have to say is eewww….

Any way, all is good and we are winding down from our Sunday. We went, as we always do to Mass this morning. It was good. Many non-Catholics do not know that if a Catholic would miss Mass on Sunday without a valid reason it is a mortal sin. I actually don’t think many Catholics believe this anymore. It is disturbing to see the watering down of our faith. We should not compromise our beliefs. When this starts and you have children you will begin to lose them to the world. Then, talk about some sleepless nights. I can handle some colic but to lose my children to the world? Tough!
Never comprise!

God Bless All!