This is exactly the case with seven children. Between hungry children, diaper changes and just general maintenance, the house is alive and thriving. One of the greatest opportunities we have is the ability to homeschool our children. My wife was homeschooled and I went to the public school.
The great advantage of homeschool is flexibility and curriculum. We can use any curriculum that we choose. With the impeding common core situation in the public school system many parents have opted to homeschool there children.
My wife and I are blessed to have our seven children and we are open to what ever God will give us. We don’t have the right to interfere with Gods plan by some artificial preventive methods. We don’t have the right to go against God, our Creator. We must live the commandments in our daily lives and pick up our cross and follow Him. We all have crosses that we deal with on a daily basis and it is only through God’s grace and mercy that we overcome it. If you think you can do it alone your wrong.
My house is alive because we are alive in Christ. We have our imperfections but we try to strive daily to live for Him. He is always there for you, just ask Him when that cross gets to heavy, He will alleviate your troubles.