Wow! Baby it’s cold outside. What can we really do about it? Nothing, I guess except put on more clothing, crank up the heat inside and grab a hot cup of Joe.
Isn’t it interesting that as Christians we complain a lot. An example would be I can’t believe we are allowing homosexual marriages or issues that pertain to the Church. We complain and that’s about it! I would suggest if you have a problem with something address it. Fight it! As Christians we are living in a time of persecution where are values are being degraded every day. Our government has totally pushed by the wayside the beliefs of our founding fathers. What do we do? Nothing but complain.
One may ask, what can we do? You can, let’s see….um, write a blog and voice your opinions with solutions. You can write government officials and share literature with friends and family members. We are all called to evangelize. As Christians no one is exempt from this task. Evangelization is a key component to our Christian faith. We must realize that we all have the ability to make a difference. Don’t be cold in your faith get out there and make something happen. God Bless!