Several weeks ago I started to tread in unchartered waters as a radio show host for Radio Maria. Talk about a total 360. If you had known me ten years ago you would not believe it! It is hard for me to grasp. For me, it is a great experience to grow into something and gain knowledge in a particular field.
The show seems to be going really well and I have had some great guests on including, Father Kevin Barrett, Father Donald Calloway, Michael Voris, John Clark, Michael LaCorte. You can listen to the re-broadcast of these shows at also the show is live every Friday at 1:00 P.M. Central and 2:00P.M. Eastern.
I thank God and our Blessed Mother for this great honor because I know that I am not worthy. If you are open He will use you for things that you know nothing about. With His grace you are capable to do whatever you want.