Have you been waiting for God to send someone to solve all the problems that we have? Well, it has finally happened. God has actually sent someone and this person didn’t even realize that he was the one being sent. Christian Family Outreach is happy to inform everyone just who this person is. Are you ready? All you have to do to find out is to go to any mirror and you will see who it is that God has sent into the world to solve all its problems. Yes, it is you with all your imperfections and shortcomings, all your doubts and heartaches, all your sins and transgressions. Yes, God has sent you to solve the problems in your world, the world He has placed you in. God has sent us at Christian Family Outreach to help you with this great and noble endeavor by making available to you, free of charge, these little pamphlets.

All who want to answer God’s call to change the world may obtain our little pamphlets. No more complaining, no more despair, God wants you to change your world and it is not all that difficult. Many people have ordered our free little pamphlets and given them out to family and friends, changing their lives forever, and you can do the same. Just write, phone, or email us and we will promptly send the pamphlets of your choice, free of charge. God bless you on your quest to change the world for the better. Now don’t you feel better already?