It has come to the time when we must pick up our cross and follow Christ.   Do not be blindsided by the media and their ability to cover the truth.  In the upcoming months they will portray things to be on the upswing and still nothing will change.  This is a smokescreen that the left will use to try and re-elect Obama.  Don’t be fooled.

Recently in the news we have seen the fight to take away as many freedoms that we have as U.S. citizens.  This is a sign of our times a time for conversion.  The morality of our Country is fading and we are constantly bombarded by evil.  This is our cross we bare but we have Christ and through Him we will not fail.  We must not be afraid to stand up for our faith.  We will be challenged, don’t be afraid and pray often and God will give you the grace to do and say the right things. God Bless!