At times in our lives we put too much pressure on the unnecessary things that draws our attention away from God.   This happens because we listen to the voice of the world and not the voice of God.   We are all guilty of this because we know that in order to survive we have to focus on our work in order to make a living to support our families.    We must take time out of our day to do spiritual reading and prayer, at least 20 minutes.  God is wanting us to ask for His help and He is the only one that can truly help us pave our way to Heaven.   The lifetime will pass away fast and time is valuable we must spend some of it with Him.   I had a lady come to my home the other day and said that it would be hard to live with all of the religious pictures in her house.  I asked her if she was feeling guilty.   God should be welcomed in our homes and hearts because if our goal is Heaven then we will not need pictures of Jesus and His Mother we will see them face to face in all eternal happiness.  Live for God daily and do the best you can because he will lead you to the ultimate prize.