Living a Christian family life today presents a real challenge.  Catholic couples must face up to the fact that the world does not make living a Christ-centered life easy.  One is considered “weird” if they do things differently from the so-called worldview.  Our Lord wants us to be different.  We must monitor the filth on television, we must be careful in viewing on the internet and we must raise our children to be Godly children.  The world can suck them in like a vacuum cleaner and we may lose their souls for all eternity.  If you are a young couple with small children no matter your past and your past thoughts of what you thought was right and what you think is wrong today, you still can change the lives of your children by bringing them up in a Godly home and atmosphere.  Now, you have to be prudent and not force religion and turn them away, but you must fight the devil for their souls because he wants them and it is up to who cares the most, you or him?  Go live for God.