I was talking to a man the other day about family life and marriage.  His marriage has fallen to the wayside but hope and trust in God may bring some resolutions. I pray for this and for them.  Some of the main concerns was lack of focus among the men.  With this said, I must rephrase and say lack of proper focus.   A man can focus on many toys, hotrods,fishing,hunting,sports,television etc.  yet sometimes they push the responsibility of taking care of the family to the wife.  A wife needs tender care and someone she knows that will defend them and care for them and care for the children. Sometimes a husband makes a great father but not a great husband.  We must also note that the wife has a certain role to play in the marriage if she constantly nags the husband to death this does not solve any marriage problems.   They must become one and be able to communicate needs and wants from both sides without arguing.  This sounds like a difficult task in many marriages but it must be done in order to work out differences.  May GOD grant you the wisdom and grace and perseverance to succeed in marriage and have a happy blessed home.  The society is only as strong as the marriage committment and you can see that the society and marriage are in dire need of reformation.