As I sit by the road as the  summer air protrudes to my inner thoughts I imagine myself in a long, lost place.   I look at the beauty of the freshly cut grass and the blossom of the trees and realize and have realized for a long time that God is real and His infinite beauty radiates to us in all phases of what we experience on earth.  The innocence of a child, the beauty of a women  and the rose pedals that bloom outside our front door.     I see mountains and the river that roars beneath the barriers of the hillside that runs alongside of my house.  Why do atheists exist?   I remember driving a dying man home and he realized that this would be his last trip, he said to me, “slow down,I want to look at the trees and God’s beauty”.   He is everywhere I tell you, just look and see, seek and you will find Him who is love and peace.