As we progress through this Lenten Season we should  have an intimate encounter with Our Lord Jesus Christ.   Lent is a time of sacrifice.   The world is full of suffering we see the vivid pictures on the news,facebook and so on. Times are difficult for many families who struggle to make ends meet and provide for their families.  We we feel knocked to the floor we must not stop looking up to Him, the Savior of the world.  Despair comes so easy and we must focus our hearts on Jesus and His passion during this Lenten Season.  When life slaps us in the face we must offer up our sufferings for a greater good;For a loved one, the people who are suffering from around the world,for instance in Japan.  This life will always be a life of trials and sufferings we must offer these up for the next life, the ultimate goal:Heaven.  Do not lose focus on your journey this Lent and become one with Christ and His Passion.  God Love You. JP