By John Preiss-President, Fatima family Apostolate

     If is difficult for many to follow Christ on a daily basis because of our many “worldly” obligations.  It seems that our only focus comes when a problem arises in our lives that we can not control or when we have lost control.  We must think and pray daily to overcome our burdens and help us to realize that this life is not final and that no matter our status we will all be judged accordingly.  We also must realize that God is a just God and a merciful God.  Right now if you are contemplating abandoning God or an atheist, agnostic think about it this life and the many feelings of emptiness, God fills that emptiness with joy because of what has been promised.  Pray daily, short prayers; Jesus I trust in you, Help me Jesus, Thank you Jesus.  Short prayers keep you focused when things seem to not be going your way throughout the day.  God Bless.