If we look around at our world today and really focus on the good we can still find it.  Yet, the evil seems to be overwhelming.  Many people are suffering because of financial strain, bad health and uncertainty.  But through all of this God’s grace overshadows the problems to those who believe.  I know God does not write checks out to pay your bills, but he may send someone your direction who can.  I know that many times in the case of bad health it is our own fault, but God can heal or send a Doctor your way that can  heal through him.   When it comes to uncertainty we must have faith and our uncertainty will fade into the darkness.

     Live your life one day at a time, we are not guaranteed tomorrow.   If you fall into despair in times of sorrow, pick up your cross daily and the great reward will be out of this world! Evaluate your life daily: What am I? Prideful, Selfish, inconsiderate for others.  Do I make people happy? Or sad? My attitude, is it up? Or down?  We can make this a better world, one punch at a time. God Bless!!!