Everywhere we look someone is struggling in this current economic downturn.   People with large families are struggling and my heart goes out to them.  We must continue to pray for those who are struggling and for a change in heart.  It is easy to get depressed when financial struggles arise and the wolf is knocking on your door.  We have to do our part and do whatever it takes to support our families.  Don’t forget about God in this process.  It is said that “Hurting people hurt people”.  This is true so be careful when you are around those who are struggling that they will not bring you down, yet be the friend they need and the support of hope.  In scriptures it says,”Ask and you shall receive”.  Maybe we all should get down on our knees more and ask.  We also need to be in the state of grace and avoid sinfulness.  Pray, Pray PRAY. God Bless