We all are uneasy about what the future of America and Christianity.  It seems that attacks are constantly against moral teachings and the lack of love in society.  What should we do?  Keep fighting for what is good, holy and right.  As long as we keep fighting our Lord will intercede and help in the battle.  The political bull going around is detrimental to our Country.  The banks need to loan money again so the chain can go around.  I am not for materialism but if we want to become a third world Country then quit spending, allow big Government takeovers and so on.  The main focus should be living right putting in a good honest days work, loving your wife and cherishing the moments with your children. This is life.  You don’t need a yacht to be happy but money is important in marriage and it builds churches and places for the poor and supports good causes.  So, keep fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We will win……….