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Scottsdale Doctor Takes Stand Against ObamaCare


SCOTTSDALE – Some physicians have made some political statements by not wanting to treat people who voted for Obama.

But could the president’s new healthcare plan lead to financial problems for doctors? This Scottsdale dermatologist says he plans to close his doors soon.

Joseph M. Scherzer is getting national attention. Patients walking into Dr. Scherzer’s office were greeted with the following note on the door: “If you voted for Obamacare, be aware these doors will close before it goes into effect.”

Dr. Scherzer says he refuses to deal with the stress of increased government involvement in health care.

“We can no longer work under a system where every single patient that you see now under Medicare, represents a potential disaster for you,” he says.

Dr. Scherzer says that doctors who accept Medicare patients will be at risk for increased fines if they make a mistake, or if they refuse to follow the government’s rules for treatment.

Dr. Scherzer plans to retire by 2014, unless some major changes take place.