True Christianity comes with many crosses.   If we grow in our Christian faith, love for others should come easily.  Being a Christian in today’s world is difficult.  The government is pushing their agenda down our throats, taking prayer out of schools and trying to invade our freedom with this healthcare plan.  Today  is Divine Mercy Sunday and a perfect opportunity to reflect on our lives and to ask for God’s mercy when we know in our past we have failed at times in our love for Him.  “Jesus I Trust in You”, this is from the diary of St. Faustina from Our Lord.   When people gossip about us don’t get angry, say, “Jesus I Trust in You”.  When you are afraid of something, say, “Jesus I Trust in You.  When you feel far from Christ and in spiritual darkness, say, “Jesus I Trust in You.   When your child becomes sick and has to be taken to the emergency room, say, “Jesus I Trust in You.  When all else fails and you have lost your sense of hope, say, “JESUS I TRUST IN YOU.

Thank you Lord for your Divine Mercy!