Editorial by John C. Preiss

This issue of the Immaculate Heart Messenger is a special one. I want to thank everyone for your emails, letters and prayers in our time of loss. “God is good,” this was often said by Father Fox while he was suffering from bone cancer, prostate cancer and congestive heart. This commemorative issue focuses on the life of Father Fox. He dedicated his priesthood to saving souls and loved Our Lady so much. To many he was known as the “Fatima Priest” and he loved to hear people call him this.

Father Fox founded the Fatima Family Apostolate in 1986. It is a blessing to have such great and resourceful material for children, young adults and adults. This Apostolate was a dream of Father Fox and he made it a reality with the many books, audio tapes, CD’s and DVD’s. So many great people have been involved with the Apostolate over the years and one that comes to mind is Joyce Mullenberg. Fathef said that Joyce really helped him get things started and she stayed with the Apostolate, answering phones and coordinating events for 15 years. I personally want to thank her for her service to Our Lady and this Apostolate.

God continues to bless us at the Fatima Family Center and we have incorporated several new products and we will continue to add new items as they become available. Our website has been updated with many of the new items for your ordering convenience. We are also in the process of adding some new outdoor attractions. A pro-life shrine is on our agenda for the spring. Please continue to offer your prayers for the growth of the Apostolate. I sometimes get aggressive when it comes to growth and want to make things happen too quickly, but Father advised me many times to take it slow. Also, I want to encourage you to visit us if you come to the area. If you plan a trip to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament please add us to your list of sites to see. We are approximately 7 miles from the Shrine.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! I want to remind everyone of the May 13, 2010 Procession. Please try and come to this great event. We will have a candle light Procession and Fatima hymns. After the Procession, our store will be open and we will have coffee and doughnuts and of course, great fellowship. If you need lodging assistance please call us at 1-800-213-5541 and we will be glad to assist you.

In this issue we have an article about Father Fox, the cultivator of vocations to the priesthood. It is somewhat ironic that God would take such a good and holy priest in this year of the priest, declared by Pope Benedict XVI. We also have an article called, “Becoming a Mentor Through Biblical Manhood”. This article helps us to understand the role of man not only in the home but as a mentor to the younger men. We also have an interesting article about the different types of men. I am sure the ladies out there will enjoy this one. In this issue we have several wonderful pictures of Father Fox to share with you. Please enjoy these pictures and you have our permission to reprint. Also, the picture of Father on the front cover can be torn off and framed and put in your homes.

If you have a Facebook account you can add Father Fox by searching Robert J. Fox. Add Father as a friend and join the Fatima Family Apotolate group. This will be a good source for you to also check upcoming events. We are currently converting all audio tapes and VHS tapes to CD’s and DVD’s. After this project is complete we will start adding these products to our website: http://www.fatimafamily.org.

Many great things are happening with the Apotolate. I want to encourage everyone to continue to support the Apostolate and Father Fox’s many years of work and dedication. Keeping this magazine going is the most difficult part of the Apostolate. With technology today many people are not subscribing to magazines, they read information online. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and to help us promote this Apostolate and to encourage friends and family members to subscribe to Immaculate Heart Messenger Magazine. We are currently searching for a new Spiritual Director and have several good priests on our list. Please pray we find the right one to help guide us in our efforts. May Our Lady continue to guide us in the right direction. God has blessed us and we hope He continues to bless you and your family. I add all subscribers to my daily Rosary intentions. God Bless. JCP