We have to applaud the efforts of the Republican from Ohio, minority house leader.  It seems in our government the people no longer have a voice.  We can voice our opinions all day long and we are not heard.  Come November we can take care of that by voting against the Representatives who constantly strive on political power and party animosity.  Please try to make your voice heard in these November elections.  Our Country is going to become more vulnerable to all doors that open through this erroneous healthcare bill.   God will be our judge and prayer is much-needed.  I am a Catholic and Nancy Pelosi thinks she is a Catholic, but she isn’t.  She is a feminist ,power-hungry women who needs to get on her knees and beg for God’s mercy.  Stupak ( I think this is how it is spelled, although one could spell it many ways)  has let the lives of children down and the future of life in America.   We all need to pray and beg for mercy and to vote for those who protect all phases of life.  Also, we need to vote for those politicians who are authentic and follow the laws and that work for the voice of the people not for selfish agendas.  God Bless