The fear to stand up and defend the faith and let the lives of innocent babies be aborted.  What’s wrong with the world? The world has become worldly and God is deleted from our daily lives.  Husbands are not loving their wives like Christ loves His church.  Wives are not obeying their husbands and being the loving heart of the home.  The children in our society lack real parents. Our lady continues to warn us of more natural disasters unless we change our lives and obey God.   If  family life was stronger than the world would be  a better place.  People lack the sacrifice that it takes to do good and to do God’s Will.  They say, ” Oh I will play today and worry about tomorrow”. Next thing you know your reading about them in the local newspaper dying instantly in a car wreck.  The time is now to know, love and serve God.  If you comply to this than true happiness in your life will begin.  If you try to do His will then He will give you the graces to overcome your adversity in this life.