When one looks and stares the world right in the face we often see selfishness.   Selfishness has no gain and creates unhappiness of the soul.  As Christians we are to do for our fellow brothers and sisters.   True happiness comes from giving and caring for others.  Selfishness has been around since our first parents Adam and Eve.   If not for there selfishness we would all be enjoying the fruits of God’s creation in the Garden of Eden.  I want to challenge everyone to do something for someone in need.  Whether by financial help or physical help and maybe just a phone call to a lost friend or family member.  Always remember to trust in Jesus and let Him be the center of your life. Pray daily for the conversion of sinners.  With the recent earthquake in Haiti, Our Lady has prophesied these things so for God to grant us mercy we must grow in love for one another and pray without ceasing.