A man must realize that praying and going to church is not a feminine characteristic.  The problem with many women is that they treat there husbands like one of the children and guess what happens? They become one.  I know many husbands have bailed out and have left the responsibilities to the wife.  How did they get this way?  The wife slowly took control and now has total control in most families.  This is not what God intends for married couples.  The husband is the leader, protector, provider.  The wife is the love, nurturer and caretaker.  To get your husband back will take a change in your heart.  Do things for him, have supper ready when he comes home.  Give him respect. If the wife gives him respect then the children will respect him.  Do the little things and he will come around.  Do not use sex as a weapon.  I know you may say my husband is a lazy, he don’t see things, he never listens to me.  Ask yourself, how did he get this way? What is the core to his behavior?  Is it you?  Start loving and caring for him and he will come back to you.