Growing in our faith is a daily challenge.  The distractions in this life  puts us on a crooked path in our spiritual growth.   The devil is a roaring lion trying to devour our soul.  Pray often keep focused on Christ in your daily life.  He is listening whether it be tough times or good times.  Prayer is such a great way to grow spiritually and mentally.  God is near you at all times, He already knows the things you long for in your heart, you have to ask Him.   If you do not receive what you ask for then know that this is His will not your will.  Pray daily, pray often.  We are living in diabolical times and prayer, sacrifice, penance and doing good is the only way for us to fight.  Pray for the holiness of families.  The family is the key to our society.  The family becoming holy is the key to our victory over evil. God Bless you in your daily trials in this life.  Life in this world will pass and there is not much time, so pick up your cross like Jesus and let us defeat the evil one.