To the tired mother, repeating the same chores day after day struggling to keep peace with the children, aware of her fading youth and her failure to have achieved the self-expression she expected, wishing for romance that died too quickly, today is just another burden to be borne; whereas to the mother with a vision for eternity, today is an opportunity to be God’s nanny, teaching His kids to honor Him.  She doesn’t carry the burden of personal ambition.

    Having pondered these words of  Mr. Pearl, I ask you to consider the many hours each day a professional pianist practices, one lady I knew would practice eight hours a day.  Eight hours a day practicing the piano would drive me crazy, how could this lady practice eight hours a day., every day for years and not get fustrated? The answer is, she loves to play the piano.  When a mother can care for her children day after day for years and not go crazy,it is because she loves caring for her children.  If she is lacking this love, she can never be truly happy.  It is amazing how we can occupy our-selves for hours in things that we love doing, whereas we become extremely frustrated in a matter of minutes doing things that we despise.